DetailZ – Car Cleaning Specialists

Envision Auto is pleased to announce our continued exclusive dealings with DetailZ of Calgary, AB for all of our vehicle cleaning, polishing, and detailing needs .  Part of our reconditioning process entails having all of our inventory including trade-ins and consignment vehicles completely cleaned both inside and out and one of the best in the business, DetailZ never fails to deliver.

A summary what DetailZ does to make our vehicles shine like new once again…..

Complete vacuum of the entire vehicle (including trunk), steam clean and shampoo carpets, floor mats, seats, door panels (if applicable) and trunk,, scrub, clean and conditioning of all leather and vinyl surfaces, clean all interior panels, vents and consoles, windows cleaned inside and out.

Complete degrease of entire vehicle, including engine and wheels, poly-clay bar used (if necessary) to remove any paint contamination including tree sap, industrial fallout, and overspray, engine and engine bay steam-cleaned, shampooed and hand detailed, car hand-washed and dried, 1 stage power-polish to remove any minor scratches and/or swirl marks(recommended for newer and lightly coloured vehicles), paint sealant applied by hand for a deeper shine and added protection, wheels cleaned and polished (by hand) and tires conditioned with protectant.


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