Envision Auto Now Offering Consignment Options!!

Not in a hurry to sell your vehicle and want to get the MOST out of it possible??  Then your best bet is to look into our consignment sale options!!  We are fully licensed through AMVIC with a $50,000 bond in place to offer complete consignment options.

Why Consign?

Running a dealership we can provide several options that selling privately you will not be able to offer to potential customers.

#1)Complete financing options for customers.  Through our existing relationships with financial lending institutions we can offer several options for lending to customers not looking to purchase on a straight cash sale.

#2)Extended Warranty Programs.  We have access to and are licensed for resale of aftermarket extended warranty programs for all makes, models, and mileages.

#3)Professional advertising.  Following the complete detail and cleanup we provide a complete photoshoot of your vehicle highlighting all the best angles and features using high resolution pictures.  We advertise on all of the top ranked vehicle marketing websites including the Autotrader, Kijiji, BuynSell, and our own professional website.  No listing costs and no renewing of your ads – we take care of everything for you.

#4)Avoid the time, effort, and hassle in dealing with the public.  No more need to meet at inconvenient times, and inconvenient hours to show your vehicle to a buyer that may not be serious!  We handle all the sales leads on your behalf saving you time!

#5)Security in completing the transaction with a “brick and mortar” store and a business licenced for automobile resale.

What does it cost?
In order to prepare your vehicle for resale we will do the following on your behalf:

#1)Run a CarProof vehicle history report in order to provide full disclosure of all prior accident history, jurisdictions where the vehicle was previously registered, and check for open liens

#2)Have an independent 250 point mechanical fitness assessment that will allow potential buyers to rest easy knowing what mechanical condition the vehicle is in prior to purchasing

#3)Run a complete paint thickness assessment on the body panels of the vehicle to determine any prior repairs that may not appear on the vehicle history reports

#4)Have a complete exterior wax and polish, interior steam clean and leather condition, and engine shampoo to ready your vehicle for resale

Our consignment fee of $499.00 covers all of the above and whether the vehicle sells or not you will receive the history report, mechanical inspection report, and a fully detailed vehicle.

What type of commission is taken for selling of your vehicle?
You can agree to one of two options for commission on sale of your vehicle.

#1) A flat rate percentage of the final sale price of your vehicle.  For example if your vehicle is sold for $20,000 and we have agreed to a 15% sales commission you would receive $17,000 and our commission for the sale would be $3,000.

#2) An agreed upon final value to be paid out to you upon sale of the vehicle.  For example, if we agree that you will be paid out $20,000 then anything the vehicle is sold above the $20,000 would be our commission on the sale.  This method is subject to listing price reductions at agreed intervals in order to expedite the sale of your vehicle.

The agreement consists of the following:

Consignee Agrees To:
– Display, demonstrate and advertise the consignment vehicle
– Pay Consignor a settlement cheque within seven business days
– Deduct and pay all liens
– Accept all trades towards payment of vehicle

Consignor Agrees To:
– Provide comprehensive coverage on vehicle as consignor feels necessary
– Consign the vehicle for no less than thirty days
– Allow dealer to display, advertise, demonstrate and sell said vehicle on his/her behalf as written within the agreement
– Pay a non-refundable consignment fee of $499.00 +GST
– Allow the dealer to deduct and settle all liens on his/her behalf

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