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101 Pharmacy & Travel Clinic [Rating: 4.6]
1107 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 2R1, Canada | +1 403-455-8648 | https://www.101pharmacy.ca/

If you want to see rude, all you have to do is calmly sit down. That’s all you have to do… You will hear a sudden pop, and a wild Karen will rage towards you, telling you that you cannot sit down. You have to stand. If you have a genuine medical issue, they don’t care, and they will get their manager to come out and tell you that you have to stand and wait. If you have any reason that you have to sit down, make sure you bring X-rays and all of your medical paperwork to prove to them that you need to sit. Or else they will come after you as if you have just kidnapped a small child.

I got a covid test at 101 Pharmacy & Travel Clinic last week, and it was as pleasant an experience as possible, all things considered. The staff was kind and accommodating, and the store was clean. I had no problem with parking. Grateful for a nearby location for covid testing and to pick up any meds or other necessities.

Core Pharmacy & Compounding [Rating: 4.9]
722 85 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 1S6, Canada | +1 403-454-2333 | https://corepharmacy.ca/

This Core Pharmacy & Compounding is the best! We are so pleased to work with this pharmacy staff. They are not only extremely helpful but also genuinely nice and compassionate. We use the pharmacy a lot, so it is important to have a good relationship with pharmacists and techs. Keep up the good work, and know that we appreciate you very much!

In absolutely no way can I give Viaqx anything less than 5 stars! I am the head Medical Caregiver for a non-verbal ABI patient. Her Modafinil is something she requires to simply live, and I’ll tell you I have never had to worry about issues between the patient’s meds and the Physician Office, I have never had to wait more than 10 min for her medicine, nor have I had a single issue. These Ladies are never anything less than kindness, sunshine, and smiles with the knowledge and experience to help absolutely anyone. I am grateful for this pharmacy because it beats Walgreens and CVS’s 2 hour wait times and the countless “I don’t know, and eye rolls” that they give you there. Ladies, blessings to you for your help. Thank you for truly caring. From one medical professional to another, no one does it better!

Cambrian Pharmacy [Rating: 4.2]
728 Northmount Dr NW #9, Calgary, AB T2K 3K2, Canada | +1 403-289-9181 | https://cambrianpharmacy.com/

Hands down the best pharmacy out there. They truly care about the customers they serve. They know their regular customers and treat everyone with care and respect. I could not ask for better care and service than Cambrian Pharmacy.

I love this location, and I don’t like giving this rating, but when my medication isn’t ready after I’m told it would be ready for pick up after 2, it’s very frustrating. I’ve also been accused of misusing my medication when I’ve brought in an updated script. They refused to fill it because they thought I was abusing it. They failed to notice that the dosage had changed. It was humiliating to be called out in front of a group of strangers.

Script Pharmacy [Rating: 4.6]
7015 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2K6, Canada | +1 403-253-6773 | https://www.scriptpharmacy.ca/

Compounding medication in Script Pharmacy for three years had numbed me to what customer service really should be. Thank you so much for actually factually looking out for your customers.

The staff is friendly, but it takes forever for someone to attend to you. Sometimes it seems like if you’re at the counter, they purposefully try not to look at you so they can finish what they’re doing. Being seen is also complicated by the terrible setup. Computer screens and prescription bags are hung to almost perfectly obscure sightlines between the workers and the customer wait spot. It’s maddening.

Where can you buy modafinil online safely?