Envision Auto Accepts ALL Trades!

We will accept ALL trade-ins towards the purchase of your next vehicle and if you are simply interested in selling we will consider purchasing your used vehicle for CASH!

How is your used vehicle evaluated?

While we cannot pay full retail for your trade in (doing so would not make for a very effective business model), we do offer competetive trade values.

Trade in value is calculated by taking several factors into consideration and is not simply a “Black Book” value.  It is a combination of current wholesale auction prices of comparable makes, models, and mileage vehicles in addition to current private and dealer selling values.  This in combination with seasonalities and specifics on your actual vehicle must all be considered to come to a trade value.

To best help us guage an accurate trade value for your vehicle when emailing for a quote or without us visually assessing the car, please try to answer the following questions:

#1) Model Year \ Make \ Model \ Mileage \ Options \ Interior and Exterior Color

#2) Any prior accident history, paint or bodywork, and overall general exterior condition of the vehicle.  Any scratches, dents, dings, rock chips etc.

#3) Any recent major mechanical repairs and is a service history available?  How are the wearable items on the vehicle – tire tread wear?  Windshield chips or cracks?  Have the brakes been recently done?  Have the fluids been regularly maintained?

#4) Interior condition of the vehicle.  Has the vehicle been smoked in or are there any other unusual smells?  Was the vehicle used by pet owners?  Any stains, rips, tears or burns in the upholstery?

#5) Are all accessories that originally came with vehicle present?  Keys and remotes – both present?  Floor mats?  Owners manuals?  Privacy shades?

#6) Are there any outstanding financing or loans (and remaining balance on existing loans) you currently have on your vehicle.

#7)The vehicles VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) so that we may run our own independent vehicle history report and determine the vehicles history of accidents and places of registration.

Taking all of the above we will be able to provide you with an accurate trade value without ever seeing your vehicle in person.  If possible please email a couple interior and exterior photos of your vehicle to assist in completing the assessment.

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